Yoga & Meditation

 namaste |  an acknowledgment of the soul in one by the soul in another

For me, Yoga is about connecting my mind with my body. I don’t follow a specific Yoga instructor or a DVD. I find poses (usually on Pinterest) & create my own sequences. Yoga is my stress reliever. It drastically reduces my anxiety. I find myself actually taking deep breaths during each pose while focusing on each body part as I move through my sequences. Yoga also allows me to work on my flexibility, which was one of the reasons I never wanted to start practicing it in the first place. The beauty of Yoga is that you don’t have to start out flexible. Overtime, you will notice your body is suddenly able to do poses you couldn’t do months before. Another beautiful thing about Yoga is that you can still practice it with an injury or disease. There are several modifications that can be done, like chair or in-bed yoga. Yoga is a wonderful way to begin your morning & end you day!

Moving on to Meditation. This process was & still is a slow one for me. My brain is in constant thought…sometimes I’m not even sure what I’m thinking about. I swore I would never be able to “turn my brain off” long enough to meditate. I started having serious trouble falling & staying asleep, so I decided to give meditation & meditative breathing a try. I found a station on Pandora with relaxing sounds (no words). This may sound silly, but I pretend I’m on a cloud & with each breath in, starting with my head, I imagine I’m “sinking” into the cloud. I work my way down the body, breathing in, holding my breath for 9 seconds, slowly releasing it & repeating this breathing sequence until I reach my toes. The first week I did this, I would get distracted at times & have start again. Now, I’m able to complete the sequence & most nights, I sleep great!

Lately, my daughter has been asking me how to do the Yoga poses she sees me doing. We have started doing Yoga sequences & meditative breathing together before bedtime! She is eager to work on her flexibility & I love that Yoga/Meditation has helped her manage stress, calm her down at the end of her day & is teaching her the importance of a healthy body & mind!


My 3 year old son loves the downward dog pose, but only lasts about 5 minutes so far during Bedtime Yoga/Meditation….he has to start somewhere!



Photo via Pinterest


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