Freezer Meals!

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time-saving, budget friendly meals you can make in just hours! 

Freezer Meals will save you time, money & make your dinnertime prep simple & stress free! In this post, I will be sharing my Freezer Meals Pinterest Board with you & giving you helpful tips that have made the prep-process easier!

Here is the link to my board with tons of healthy family friendly freezer meals:

Freezer Meals Pinterest Board


  • To make the meals more budget friendly, try to find recipes that require ingredients you can use in multiple meals
  • Frozen vegetables tend to work better for freezer meals
  • Try to avoid using “creamy” ingredients. If the recipe does require it, you can always add them in the day of
  • Choose a day or night where you are NOT BUSY & prep the meals all at once….you’ll be surprised how fast the process is!
  • Put on some music! For me, it makes the process more fun!
  • Make ingredient lists to make the prep process easier to follow & check them off as you go
  • Print out a Freezer Meals booklet to save all your favorite recipes
  • Label the freezer bags. Include the name of the meal, date, instructions & any day-of add ins
  • Most freezer meals will leave you with leftovers if you have a family of four or less so that’s another plus!
  • If the pre-chopped onions are on sale, I always buy them….it saves so much time!
  • I buy the minced garlic in the jar which also saves a lot of time
  • Thaw next day meals overnight in the refrigerator
  • I normally cook my freezer meals in the crockpot on LOW. This keeps the meat from drying out
  • No matter the quality, I always double bag any freezer meals with sauces to avoid leaks
  • I also recommend gallon sized freezer bags with a sliding zip-lock
  • Shop around for sales on meat and stock up!
  • Stack & lay meals FLAT in freezer


I will be making tons of Freezer Meals this summer to avoid turning on the oven & to enjoy being outside with my kids knowing dinner will be ready to go! Let me know your favorite Freezer Meals in the comments! Happy Monday!




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