Rainy Day Crafts!


It’s been a gloomy few days here, so I decided some craft time was needed! I found all the supplies around the house & my kids spent hours creating & using their imaginations!




Craft #1: Textured Paint Brushes

I found some random objects/materials around the house & attached them to clothespins.  My kids really enjoyed the different effects each “paint brush” made!




Craft #2: Drawing Prompt

My son (3) wasn’t into this one, but my daughter (7) really enjoyed it! I found the animals in a magazine & cut them out to leave room for my daughter to use her imagination to create the bottom. It was so fun to watch these drawings come alive! She was clever & made the flamingo half peacock & the giraffe half otter!



Craft #3: Playdoh Prompt

This craft was a HUGE HIT with my kids! I drew a tree & let their imaginations run wild! I had to help my son with some of the shapes, but he came up with the concept & did the placement on his own! My daughter’s creativity amazed me! I love how they turned out & next time, I will change up the prompt!



I hope you’ll give these crafts a try when your kids are stir-crazy this summer!


Have a great weekend,





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